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Now hubbys back at night after the Easter holidays and I'm like a bitch in heat waiting for my next opportunity to enter the parking lot, if working at night. Last Wednesday I'm in a miniskirt and thong panties and bra in my denim jacket and a trustee had been waiting for dark. Around 9 - 30pm, I headed to the parking lot where cars are parked 3 My heart was beating again, but after my first time last week I knew I wanted to do it again. I even away from parked cars and put my back, I started to rub my clit and squeeze my tits i also flashed the lights, it was a matter of minutes before moving in front of windows I feel hot and vulnerable noticed but I was so wet and blown up, was there a man masturbating in front of the window, so the interior light on and I touched another guy also moved to the other side of the car when I was in a show that was created in seconds vulvatube and I rubbed my pussy soaked panties and rolled down the window and gave the outward man, smelled it and shotits load on the belt and handed it back to me the smell of sperm was attracted to the other in the open window and I will staarted straw came to me and then took his cock in my mouth and sucked it shot his load in my neck and swollowed the lot. Feeling good about the situation, opened the door and got out, now there are four guys in a total of around me with all the roosters who vulvatube spent two and two i lameness lasts throughout the trunk of the car and vulvatube has a blanket and went to a picnic table with the guys behind me, I felt like a bitch was loving it ! I have the cloth on the table and sat relaxed and the opening of the legs were the guys to fondle and feel mt were exposed tits my pussy and then a guy like me in and pushed his cock into me, he was rough and soon spunk load shifted and I was the other guy I met had to take a hammer in his hand a cock in my mouth and two boys excites me, I felt so cheap but is, vulvatube I loved the boy soon shot his load in me makes me dripping sperm pussy was, and I was the first man who had cum in my panties, which was calling me names like whore, bitch and whore milk! I felt I could, and then hot, but I was helping the other world!, After he finished, he vulvatube went to me to my car, thanks again and said he would be happy to come back to say the word coulkd and get a big group of guys for me, but we'll see. When I got home, I stood before the mirror and pulled my body vulvatube used by strangers I thought the tape to the side of my nose to smell the sperm and lay in bed staring at the mirror, I touched my pussy cream filled another orgasm before showering. My husband arrived this morning totally unaware that his wife in a fucking nympho and likes to turn strangers into their backs. My pussy is sore but I am of what the guy told me last night thinking about a larger group ! If the bottle does me i wilHe knows what happens. I look at my husband and what a fool you are! and I love being a whore in the back that is what is in the back! !
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